Tricks of Marketing for Your Bear Lawn Care Business

 Learning the Tricks of Marketing for Your Bear Lawn Care Business


It is easy to get intimidated by some of the roles you take on when you start your own Bear lawn care business. You may be an expert at Bear lawn care and everything that goes with it. You know all about how to buy great equipment and how to keep it in good working condition. You know all about lawns, gardens and how to support just about any request your customer’s might make of you pertaining to the outdoor space around their homes or businesses. But being a business person means knowing about things you may have never wanted to know about such as accounting, management, taxes, social security, withholding, leases and employee benefits. But these elements are just as important as the work you do at a customer site if you hope to be a success as a Bear lawn care business. One of the area of expertise that you should get over that sense of intimation about is marketing.

You don’t have to become an advertising expert to find the right marketing plan to promote your Bear lawn care business. On the other hand, if you want to succeed and see your business grow, getting the word out to new customers is a must. You know that any business sees a steady turnover of customers. While Bear lawn care business is all about long term relationships with clients, you do need to replenish your client roster continuously. But more than that, if you want to grow, you should have marketing plan in place that will bring you new customers regularly so you can enjoy the growth you want to see your service go through.

There are many avenues of expression that you can use to reach out to new customers. There were television and radio advertising, newspaper ads, billboards, magazine advertisements, flyers and now there is social media marketing. The first rule of thumb is to see marketing strictly as a means to the end of getting new customers. Avoid the temptation to get too creative or “show off” in your marketing. Just because Geiko and Sonic put funny advertisements on TV, that doesn’t mean you have to. Those commercials are expensive to make so to afford to use that kind of high end advertising, you have to justify it in terms of potential new business.

You may get to the point in your growth that those flamboyant and fun commercials are a good fit to your marketing objectives. But make sure your marketing goals are 100% built around your business needs so you don’t make the mistake of spending a lot of money or marketing that is not making your business lots of money in return.

Old Slow Traditional Marketing versus New Improved Social Media Marketing

Fit your marketing plan to the size of your business and to who your future customers are. Many times a very simple and inexpensive form of marketing is also the most effective for getting you new business. That sign that you had made up to put on the side of your company trucks and vans is outstanding a marketing. You will get most of your new business from people who see in working in the neighborhoods where you already are successful. By simply making it easy for people who see you out and about to contact you, many times you never have to do anything more to get all the customers you need.

By taking advantage of the least expensive and most productive advertising and marketing first, you can see your business grow while keeping your marketing budget under control. Then when your lawn businesses as big as Sonic or Geiko, then you can employ cavemen and cartoon lizards to get the word out about your business.

The New Age of Marketing: 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Are you taking advantage of Social Media Marketing to improve your business? Facebook advertising and Twitter advertising has been proven to be valuable assets to small business owners, authors, and public speakers. However, many fail to use social media properly, consequently, not reaping the benefits. Social Media can be a powerful tool for small business owners, if done correctly. In order to reap the benefits of social media it is important to have a strategy in place.

Below are 10 Social Media tips that can be beneficial to your small business.

1. Meaningful content-You have heard that content is king, that is still true in social media. Say things that will leave an impact on your clients. They want to know that you are a professional, and they can trust you.

2. Professional Branding Design-When people view your page, it should be visually appealing. If your page is plain, there is a good chance that people may not stay on the site. You could have the best social media strategy in place; it’s time and money wasted if few people see it.

3. Integrate Social Media with traditional marketing efforts-Press Releases are still effective in marketing. When you tweet your press release or put it on Facebook, magic can happen! You will be getting more exposure from twitter followers and Facebook fans.

4. Connect with people in your industry or potential clients- Social Media is here for networking. On Twitter, follow people that you want to do business with. And interact with them, comment on their tweets.

5. Use hashtags on twitter-When people search the subject of your hashtag, it can be a way of creating new followers.

6. Facebook ads-Facebook ads are an inexpensive way to gain more fans to reach your potential customers and grow your fan base. It is a cost effective way to bring awareness to your brand and drive traffic to your site.

7. Schedule your tweets and Facebook statuses- Consistency is vital in social media. When you schedule your status updates, it will insure that you are being consistent with your social media. In order to get results, it is important to stay active in social media.

8. Integrate all social media accounts-Connecting all of your social media accounts is a great way to stay connected with customers. If a customer is activity connecting with you on Twitter, there’s a good chance that they would want that Facebook connection as well.

9. Be real and Be yourself-People want to know that they are talking to a real person. Although, social media tools such as hootsuite, buffer and tailwind will allow you to schedule your tweets. You should tweet things in real time. Ask questions about their weekends, clients love that type of interaction.

10. Listen and respond-If you have a fan or a follower, they want to connect with you. If they tell you something about your business, listen. Respond, even if they say something negative. They are the reason why your business exists, and when you take the time to listen to them, it shows that they matter.

When correctly used, Social Media is an excellent tool used by many small business owners. And can take your lawn business to the next level. By using these tips, you will be using social media to the best of your advantage.